A Personal Trainer can be essential to your training program. By providing you with motivation, encouragement, and accountability, a personal trainer will assist you in achieving your fitness goals faster. In addition, you will obtain an enhanced sense of self-discipline. You will also be challenged with new skill sets within your workout regimen.

With diversified training sessions/workout plans and proven results from past clients, training with BodyBySoroush will guarantee you to achieve faster, long-term results at a fraction of the competition price.

You will meet with the trainer that will tailor personal fitness sessions to help you meet your goals and maintain your results. The times for each session are extremely flexible and accommodating to assist you in accomplishing your needs.

What makes Body By Soroush so unique is, you do not need a set schedule or appointment. If you cannot make your normal training time, come whenever you can during normal training hours. We are very flexible and there are no penalties for coming at different times. Therefore, No set schedule is required.

In conjunction with one on one training, affordable training packages are offered according to the goals you are working to achieve. Packages are devised according to your specific, individual training program.

The number of days per week you choose to train is determined according to your personal schedule and availability. Training sessions are open and flexible during the hours indicated below:

Sunday: 12 pm – 2 pm
Monday –Friday: 9 am – 9 pm
Saturday: 9 am – 11 am

You may sign up online or in person.
Paypal, Venmo, Cash App, Cash, or credit card.